In August of 2018, former stylist and costume designer, Selam Fessahaye showcased her first full collection during Fashion Week Stockholm. It was not only her first full collection, but also her first introduction to the world as a fashion designer.

She’s been decorated for her collections, winning four awards these past years including “Eye-Catcher of the Year”at the Swedish ELLE-gala (2019), “Future Promise” at the Nordiska Kompaniet (NK)-gala in (2019) and “nöjesguiden” Stockholm price for the category “fashion”.

In April 2019, Fessahaye was invited to showcase her pieces during Arise Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2020

Fessahaye has built a strong DNA where each piece has its own identity, personality and character. This complexity shows many dimensions, which leads to diverse connections and experiences by viewing and wearing it. Our wearable language.